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Created by Hariri Pontariri Architects, the Theatre of Alliance française Toronto is a 147-seat auditorium with a stage dimension of 9m by 5.4m and is professionally equipped with a complete sound, lighting and cinema system. The theatre is suitable for live performances, plays, concerts, operas, seminars and screenings.

Other amenities and equipment include: a projection screen (16'X9'), 2 dressing rooms, storage, a coat check, an intercommunication system, a video projector, Christie 10k, Sound System D&B, Dimmer Rack, Front Motorized Curtains.

It is a very intimate space with fully modernized technical equipment. Located at Bloor and Spadina, only 5 mn walk from the Subway Station, it is perfect for a downtown meeting or event.

Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Performance, Rehearsal, Special Event, Class, Audition, Photo Shoot, Video/Film Shoot, Screening, Reading, Meeting, Audio Recording
Disciplines Dance, Music, Theatre, Film
Restrictions On Use No food and beverage allowed in the Theatre.


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Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book

You can book by phone :
Camille at 416.922.2014 ext 37
Or by email :

Hours Of Operation from 8am until night
Rental Policy The Licensee is hereby required, during the performance of this Agreement, to provide a certificate of insurance to the AFT, prior to the first date of the engagement and keep in force policies of insurance, as follows: a) Comprehensive general liability insurance in an amount not less than $2,000,000.00 for any one occurrence in respect of injury to or death of any person or property damage; b) The AFT shall be named as additional insured under any such policies; c) The Licensee shall not do or permit to be done anything in or upon any portion of the Premises or bring or keep anything therein which will in any way conflict with the conditions of any insurance policy upon the AFT or any part thereof, or in any way increase any rate of insurance upon the AFT or property therein. If any insurance rate shall be increased as aforesaid the Licensee shall forthwith on demand pay to the AFT as an additional cost, the amount by which the insurance premiums shall be so increased.
Cancellation Policy In the case of cancellation of any performance for any reason. a) the Licensee shall have the obligation, at its own expense, to inform the public of such cancellation through regular information media, failing which the AFT reserves the right to make such announcements at the cost of the Licensee; and b) the Licensee shall refund ticket holders any amount due to them; and c) the Licensee shall remain liable to perform all its other obligations under this Agreement; d) The Licensee shall remain liable for all payments specified in Sections 1 and 2 in the Alliance française Theatre Use Contract.
Open to last minute space requests. true
Booking Requirements Deposit, Proof of liability insurance required, Lease agreement
Rental Personnel On site manager, Maintenance, Rates include some or all personnel, Rates include some or all equipment
Performance Personnel Stage hands, Box office staff
Payment Types Cash, Check, Credit card
Options -
Other Allowed Activities Street shoes, Live percussion, Amplified music

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions 2150.0 sqft
Space Features Air-conditioned, Heated, Grid, Mirrors, Wings/backstage space, Sound-proof, Stage curtains, storage, coat check, washrooms
Technology Cell service, WiFi, Live streaming, Video Projector Christie 10k with a projection screen (16'X9') Sound System D&B Dimmer Rack Front Motorized Curtains Seating capacity 147 Intercommunication system in the dressing rooms
Flooring Wood, Carpet
Stage Configuration Proscenium, Platform stage
Stage Dimensions 29 ft x 18 ft with 13 ft ceiling
Seating capacity 147
Seating Fixed, Continental

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Light board, Lighting instruments
Furniture Chairs, Podium, Floor mats, Tables, Ladder
Amenities Dressing rooms, Kitchen/pantry, Secure storage
Instruments and Accessories Music stands
Audio Equipment PA system, Microphone, MP3/auxiliary input, CD player, Recording equipment, Amplifier, Description MFG Model QTY Main Loudspeaker system Left/Right d&b 12S 2 Centre Loudspeaker d&b 12S-D 1 Front Fills Loudspeaker d&b 8S X2 Subwoofer d&b 18S X2 Amplifiers d&b D6 X2 Amplifiers d&b D12 X1 Surround Loudspeaker JBL 8320 X8 Amplifiers Crown DSi100 X3 Monitors d&b MAX 12 X2 DSP BSS Blu160/120/bob Dolby/DTS Surround Decoder Extron SSP7.1 1 XLR Patch Baie and Tie Lines Audio Digital Console, 32 IN, 8 Out and AES out Digico X-DS11 1 CD Player Tascam CD-200i 1 Microphones Vocal Microphone Shure Beta 58 X1 Vocal Microphone Shure SM58lc X3 Instrument Microphone Shure SM57lc X4 Drum Microphones Sennheiser Drum Pack III X1 Podium Mic Audix MG15HC X1 Direct Box Whirlwind IM2 X4 Telescopic Tripod Mic Stand On-Stage MS9701TB+ 6 Drum/Amp Tripod with Tele-Boom On-Stage MS7411TB 6 Mic cable Digiflex N15XX X10 Mic cable Digiflex N25XX X25 Intercom Main Station Clear-Com MS-792 1 Belt Pack 2ch Clear-Com RS702 1 Belt Pack 1ch Clear-Com RS701 2 Head Set Clear-Com CC400 3 Hearing Assist Listen LS-16-072-01 1 Program Sound Mic Sennheiser E614 1
Video/Film Equipment Digital projector, Projection screen, DVD player, 10k Lumen, 3 Chips, Video Projector Digital Video Router Crestron Blu-Ray player, multi-zone + multi-region and code free Denon DBT-1713DP x2 Motorized Screen 16’ x 9’
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment -

Accessibility EditEdit Accessibility

Parking Street parking, Bike rack, Loading dock
Accessibility Accessible without stairs, Elevator, Lobby and house, Stage
Audience Services Restrooms, Lobby
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Performance $500-$1,000 $1,000 - -
Rehearsal $500-$1,000 $1,000 - -
Special Event $500-$1,000 $1,000 - -
Class $150-$500 $600 - -
Audition $500-$1,000 $600 - -
Photo Shoot $500-$1,000 $1,000 - -
Video/Film Shoot $150-$500 $600 - -
Screening $150-$500 $600 - -
Reading $150-$500 $600 - -
Meeting $150-$500 $600 - -
Audio Recording - $1,000 $4,000 -

Non-Profit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Performance $375-$850 $850 - -
Rehearsal $375-$850 $850 - -
Special Event $375-$850 $850 - -
Class $100-$375 $400 - -
Audition $375-$850 $400 - -
Photo Shoot $375-$850 $850 - -
Video/Film Shoot $100-$375 $400 - -
Screening $100-$375 $400 - -
Reading $100-$375 $400 - -
Meeting $100-$375 $400 - -
Audio Recording - $850 $3,400 -

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