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THAT Toronto Photo Studio | For Photo/Video/Private Events

That Toronto StudioEditEdit Description

Our photography, videography, and event studio-loft rental space is well-lit and sports massive 14' ceilings for the ultimate feelings of awe!

Our daily hours are: 6am-11pm, but we might be flexible depending on your needs.

We are available for half-day (4 hours) and full-day rentals (8 hours). The listed rate is for photography use. Video and event rates vary in price.

We do NOT charge a cleaning fee because we expect YOU to leave the studio CLEANER than you found it. If you don't, we bill your security deposit to clean it.

- 14' super tall ceilings
- Light rail system w 3 supports for studio lights!
- 1000 sq. feet of finished pecan wooden floor.
- 3 MASSIVE South-facing windows for LOTS of light!
- Diffusion curtains, and black-out drapes!
- Lights available for rental as well (keep reading).
- Super cute, yet massive makeup mirror and table with 15 white LED bulbs, 12,000 lumens (holy that's bright!), and big enough to comfortable do two models hair and makeup at once. Includes privacy curtain to section off makeup and hair from rest of studio.

Other cool stuff:
-Bluetooth speaker
-High-speed Guest WIFI
-Swivel-mount big screen TV for tethering
-2 piece white leather couch + loveseat
-White & Black 4' x 8' v-flats / v-cards
-2 rigid reflectors sized 4' x 7'
-Sandbags, clips.
-Coat rack

Please note:
The space's appearance is subject to change—we do lots of work on the space so check in with us if you have any questions!

We also have Paul C Buff professional studio lighting equipment and modifiers available for your photography rental during your visit at our studio should you need it. All figures below are pre-tax:

$100 for first light (first light includes the light, a stand, 2 triggers, and a one-time fee to access our modifiers)

$50 for additional lights (additional lights do not need additional triggers, and includes the light and a stand).

Hourly: $59/hour
Daily: $299/day
Minimum Booking: 2 hours

Natural Light
Fitting Room
Security System
Basic Kitchen
Fitness Friendly
Air Conditioning

Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Reading, Audition, Class, Meeting, Video/Film Shoot, Photo Shoot, Special Event
Disciplines Film, Visual Art
Restrictions On Use ✖ Everything you need to know about the studio: ✖ Most important rules are: ✔ 1. Shoes off. ✔ 2. Studio Door MUST stay CLOSED. ✔ 3. Don’t go upstairs to our mezzanines or into the office. These areas are alarmed. ✔ 4. Please be careful with the curtains: don’t touch them if you have glitter, oil, makeup, etc on your body and no drinks on windowsills please! ✔ 5. Please leave the studio BETTER than you found it so that whoever’s in after you can enjoy themselves as well! ✔ 6. Lastly, when you leave, please turn off the lights and LOCK the door handle.


COLORED BLOCKS = NOT AVAILABLE Click on open time blocks to create a space request.
Rental must be for at least 2 hours

Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book

Hours Of Operation Our daily hours are: 6am-11pm, but we might be flexible depending on your needs.
Rental Policy OUR SPACE: please, be respectful and careful. We’re not fond of the quote “don’t be gentle, it’s a rental” MISC: No Smoke/Fog or smoke bombs. Please, do not detonate any smoke grenades/flares in our studio. Aside from being a potential toxic hazard in an unventilated space, the deposits from the smoke will get on our belongings, and we’re people too, please don’t make us have to wash everything. It's $$$! Shoes Off: Please ensure your guests/crew know to remove their shoes once inside the door. Cleanliness: Please leave the studio as you found it, putting everything back in its place to avoid inconveniencing the people scheduled in after you! If you leave the studio in a non-rentable condition (i.e. the studio needs a sweep/vacuum/wipe/furniture is not back in its place/there is litter all over the space/etc), then you will be charged a $50 cleaning fee. Resource consumption: If you consumed background paper or broke anything, please settle the bill before you leave. Respect our belongings: Please ask for assistance before operating the tv/sound system/our studio lights/backdrop/or curtains. Use common sense: don’t stand on tables or stand on couches while wearing heels or apply baby oil and lean on the walls and touch the curtains, or do somersaults... you get the drift! Noise level: Our building is a commercial space so please keep your noise level reasonable. Purpose of your booking: You may book our studio for any art related events such as photo shoots, workshops (i.e. for modeling, photography, makeup), tutorials, creative meetings, etc. Our studio is not for parties, and if you’re caught using it for this purpose without our permission, you’ll be asked to leave. Please do not shoot explicit pornographic content on our premises without inviting us to participate in it. Just kidding, absolutely no porn. We have the right to kick you out with no refund and you will not be welcome back (regardless of future bookings you have made) if: You have demonstrated a lack of ability to comply with our terms of service. You smoke or do drugs anywhere inside the building. Please smoke all your crack pipes on the street, and not inside our unit. The owner has addictive tendencies and you wouldn't wanna create a drug problem for him, now would you? You use or enter our restricted areas. The following spaces are off-limits: (a) the loft spaces above the makeup area and above the washrooms, and (b) the office next to the shooting area. Security & CCTV: To best comply with our insurance policy, we have installed multiple sensors as well as an alarm system and security cameras in a CCTV system, the recordings of which are securely stored both on a DVR and on a cloud. By using our space you agree that this security footage will be captured and if required, passed on to the proper authorities. We do not intend to release the footage publicly and we check it on an as-needed basis or in the case of complaints or foul-play. Further, please keep out of designated private areas as that will trigger the alarm system and as a result we will be penalized by our alarm monitoring company for the false alarm. Failure to stay out of designated private areas will issue you a fine of $300 and you will potentially be escorted off the property by police officers if we are not available to tell them otherwise. BE SMART. Insurance: You do NOT need insurance to rent with us, but you DO accept full responsibility for your actions and use of any equipment in our studio. You agree that That Toronto Studio (Camco Media Corp. and Daniel Camer) are not to be held liable in any way for any injuries or accidents that may result on studio property and that you are also 100% liable for everything that happens inside the studio during your rental as well as after your rental in the case of forgetting to lock up or close our door in a reasonable manner in which the general public cannot enter. You must ALWAYS close AND lock the door when leaving our studio and failure to do so will result in your responsibility to pay damages to the studio should it be broken into or anything be stolen.
Cancellation Policy ​Rescheduling: You are responsible for the accuracy of your booking. Please double check your booking, before paying for your time slot. Unless rescheduled according to our reschedule policy, we are not responsible for mistakes made due to negligence (i.e. you booked the 1st day of a month, but your shoot was actually on the 2nd day of that month, or you got the wrong month altogether, etc.) Cancellations or reschedules are allowable within 24 hours of your having made a booking, but are otherwise non-refundable because your booking represents a spot that otherwise would likely have gone to another renter. If you have booked a FLEXIBLE package, you are entitled to one reschedule outside of this 24 hour cancellation and rescheduled policy.
Open to last minute space requests. true
Booking Requirements Full payment
Rental Personnel Call for addtl rental personnel
Performance Personnel -
Payment Types Credit card
Options -
Other Allowed Activities -

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions 996.0 sqft
Space Features Air-conditioned, Heated, Mirrors, Privacy
Technology Cell service, Internet access, WiFi, Live streaming
Flooring Wood
Stage Configuration -
Stage Dimensions -
Seating capacity -
Seating -

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Natural lighting/windows, Lighting instruments
Furniture Chairs, Tables, Ladder
Amenities Dressing rooms, Kitchen/pantry, Kosher kitchen, Private restroom
Instruments and Accessories -
Audio Equipment Sound system
Video/Film Equipment TV/monitor
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment Photography

Accessibility EditEdit Accessibility

Virtual Tour Click here to view a virtual tour of the space.
Parking Street parking, Paid garage/lot parking
Accessibility Elevator, Freight elevator
Audience Services Restrooms
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Reading $49.99 $299 - -
Audition $49.99 $299 - -
Class $49.99 $299 - -
Meeting $49.99 $299 - -
Video/Film Shoot $99.99 $499 - -
Photo Shoot $49.99 $299 - -
Special Event $99.99 $499 - -

Non-Profit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Reading $39.99 $249 - -
Audition $39.99 $249 - -
Class $39.99 $249 - -
Meeting $39.99 $249 - -
Video/Film Shoot $89.99 $459 - -
Photo Shoot $39.99 $249 - -
Special Event $89.99 - - -

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