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87 Wade Ave, Unit 201, Toronto, ON, M6H 1P5

OKpeople is an artistic community dedicated to providing creative minds with the space, resources, and professional network to flourish. OKpeople rosters a wide range of creative professionals from illustration and design to writers and developers. The current members and Co-founders are all professional, friendly and personable people who love nothing more than positive vibes and working in a space that motivates.

We offer shared and permanent work spaces, as well workshop and event space. OKpeople is ideal for freelance artists, designers, Illustrators, photographers, writers and more!

The space is best suited to networking events, art galleries, receptions and small screenings.

Member Perks:
- 24/h Access
- Cloud Storage
- Local Discounts
- Free access to events
- Featured on our website and social media

50 Person

- Large Permanent Desk: $450-$500
- Small Permanent Desk: $350-$400
- Shared Space: 1 Month $200 - 2 Weeks $125

Event Space
Hourly: $90
Half-Day (5 hours) - $350
Full-Day (10 hours) - $800

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